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Ordering Class A Uniforms From Our Council Scout Shop

The best way to get your Class A uniform is through the council scout shop. That way all proceeds stay within our council. If you want to browse their online store you can just click here. On the left side there is a filter area. Just click on uniforms in the catorgy field and select "Cub Scouts" and what rank you need in the program field. Only those items will appear then. When buying a shirt, there will be a drop down on the item screen to select what size you want. After you add whatever you are buying and go to check out, add in the notes that you want the patches sewn on. There is a $3 fee for each patch but well worth it. Not only is it well done, but you know the patches are in the correct place, something very helpful for new scouts. There are only 5 patches so the sewing fee should be $15.

You don't pay online. A scout shop rep will call you for this info and to confirm your order. You will also need patches. The rep can help you with that. The patches you will need are:

The council strip

Our pack number (so you need 2-#2's and 1-#4)

World Crest (this is the purple patch on the left chest that all scouts around the world wear)

 If you would prefer to physically go to their store or just call them to order, their address and phone number is:

Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center

12500 North IH 35

Austin, Texas, 78753

(512) 617-8630

Below are what items you will need for different ranks


Lions wear a blue tee shirt instead of the usual button down Class A's. This is so they don't have to buy an expensive uniform until they are sure scouting is something they want to stick with. The neckerchief and slide are optional.

Here are the items they will need:

Tee Shirt


Handbook (Kit)

Belt - it's not on the Lion page but just ask the rep when they call to confirm

They don't need any patches for this uniform. Only the button down uniforms get patches.

Tigers, Wolves, and Bears

Tigers, wolves, and bears all wear the blue button down Class A's. This is when they start wearing patches on their uniform. Below is a list of the items they will need:

Blue Cub Scout Shirt



Neckerchief Slide



The shirt and belt will stay with them through these 3 ranks but the cap, neckerchief, slide, and handbook will be different each year.

Webelos 1 & 2 & Adult Leaders

Webelos wear the same shirt as boy scouts and leaders so they are all adult sizes. You can get them in Poplin or Polyester microfiber. The microfiber will cost a little more but be more waterproof and should last longer. Here are the items a Webelos will need:

Scouts BSA Shirt

Blue Shoulder Loops

Webelos Cap


Neckerchief Slide

Belts - They use the green belt like boy scouts use but they can continue to use their blue cub scout belt if wanted. Their old adventure loops won't fit on the green belts.

Webelos Colors (this is a 3 strip ribbon that is worn on the right sleeve that their adventure pins go on)


The handbook will be for both Webelos 1 and 2

Adults Only

Adults will use the same type of shirt that the Webelos use (Scouts BSA) but they don't usually have a neckerchief. The only thing an adult needs is:

Scouts BSA shirt


     Council Strip

     Pack Numbers

     World Crest

     Position Patch (ex. Den Leader, Committee Member, Assistant Cubmaster)

Just ask about the patches when the rep calls.

If you have any questions about uniforms, just ask the rep when they call to confirm or ask the cubmaster before you order. Scoutshop.org is the national store but if you go through them you won't be able to order the council strip. Your cubmaster may have extras. Scoutshop.org will not sew on patches either. If you want to put the patches on yourself and can't sew, there is a product called Badge Magic which is like a sheet of double sided tape that you just cut out, attach to the patch, and then to the shirt. It works well but you can't dry clean the shirt or they will all fall off.

If you still have concerns about ordering, the cubmaster can place the order for you if you give him/her the size desired.

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