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What are Dens?

A den is a group of boys in the same grade level (i.e. 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc…). Kindergartners are Lions, 1st graders are Tigers, 2nd graders are Wolves, 3rd graders are Bears, 4th graders are Webelos 1, and 5th graders are Webelos 2. At den meetings they work towards earning their badge or other activities. The pack is all of the dens together. For more info on den advancement, click here.

Our Dens

Here is a list of our dens with leader contact and meeting info:

Lions (Kindergartners)

We will need a Lion Den Leader

Hopefully, we will find one at the upcoming Join Scout Night

Wolves (2nd Grade)

Mandy Mercer



Contact Mandy for meeting

times and location

Webelos 1 (4th Grade)

Jason Fling



Contact Jason for meeting

times and location

Tigers (1st Grade)

We will need a Tiger Den Leader

Hopefully, we will find one at the upcoming Join Scout Night

Bears (3rd Grade)

We will need a Bear Den Leader

Hopefully, we will find one at the upcoming Join Scout Night

Webelos 2 (5th Grade)

Jamie Wenske



St. Joseph Meeting Room

3rd Thursday of month at 6:00

Google Calendars

If you would like to subscribe to the pack's or and den's calendar just follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the link below for the calendar you want
2. Go to you Google Calendar
3. Click the plus sign besides "Other Calendars"
4. Click "Subscribe to calendar"
5. Click "From URL" under the Add Calendar tab 
6. Paste the link you copied into the field asking for the URL
7. Click "Add Calendar"

Here are the links for the calendars:

Pack 224             http://www.scoutbook.com/ics/76211.0B626.ics
Webelos 2 Den    https://scoutbook.scouting.org/ics/188695.12646.ics

As more dens get their calendar setup we will add those links here so check back if you don't see you den. Most dates will be saved under the Pack 224 calendar. Those are for dates that affect everyone. Den calendars will only have dates for den specific events like den meetings.

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